RIBA Architects D4P have completed the stage 4 drawings for London Square’s new residential development at Charter Square, Staines. London Square commissioned D4P after the grant of reserved matters for a development boasting a unique landscape that flows sinuously between the various building levels.

The site is located within the existing flood plain and hence the landscape is designed to assist flood mitigation by keeping the flood water away from the building. This means that a robust planting design of flood tolerant species is proposed; one which enhances the day-to-day character of the site. The ground floor public realm is designed as an inviting space, an extension to the High Street. The upper floor terraces, each with its own character provide invaluable outdoor amenity together with enhancing the biodiversity of the site.

Construction has commenced in early 2017 with the completion in late 2018. 

PARTNERS: London Square / Assael Architecture / Waterman Group / Hoare Lea / DP9
STATUS: Under construction