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D4P is a creative and dynamic practice specialising in the field of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. Our name reflects the principle ethos of the way we practice our profession; Designs for People, Places, Properties with Passion.

D4P understand that in today’s world, clients are looking to add value to their projects at every opportunity. We have striven to build our practice so that adding value is in our core nature whether it is through our thoughtful design process, the technology we use, or the development programme of our staff.

Architecture Firm - D4P

Design 4 People

D4P’s mission is to serve the maximum number of people and to add value through our ‘thought leadership’, resourcefulness and technical adeptness. Our energetic and flexible approach gives us the innovative edge that translates into creating designs, firstly, for people, the users of the space. When these people enjoy these spaces, our designs create a place, one that is memorable to all. A collection of these ‘places’ transform into successful, useful and profitable properties. We achieve this with a true and uncompromising passion.

Landscape Architecture

Design 4 Places

“I don’t divide architecture, landscape and gardening; to me they are one”. – Luis Barragan

D4P feel that properties are the canvas on which the buildings and the landscape are composed.

We often work with larger clients and architect practices in developing landscape proposals to dovetail seamlessly with the architectural surroundings.

Design 4 Properties

Any architectural project, irrespective of its size and budget, is a journey; there is a starting point, a path and the destination. Like all journeys, a well-planned one brings with it the joys and pleasures of its mysteries and discoveries. At D4P, it is our vision is to be an equal partner in it. We serve our clients by guiding them through the myriad of available information, to crystallise the physical manifestation of their aspirations. Through our life-experiences and education coupled with our ethos, we add value to the entire process by designing the best property we can to get the most out of our client’s construction budget.

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Design 4 Passion

We obsess about the quality of the space that we create; it personifies our ‘thought leadership’ approach and resists the temptation of a preconceived formula. Symmetry, geomorphic shapes and textures, together with exploiting design at every stage to ensure the right product is delivered at the right price, are the roots to our philosophy.

Finally, we feel that we have accomplished our vision when we see a smile on our client’s faces at the end; we don’t stop until then!


Client Testimonials

  • D4P Architect’s design quality was excellent. D4P Architects took time to understand our exact needs and offered expert proposals on even the most off the wall requests. My wife and I especially welcomed the early sight visit from D4P to understand our aspirations for the house. It was our first full renovation and given that we were still living in Brussels when the project began, D4P Architects went the extra mile which meant that we had the confidence to choose the company to assist us.

    Home Owner
  • I had a wreck of a property, challenging timelines and a very fixed budget so I brought the problem to Mark and Ani at D4P Architects. Mark’s vision, experience and eye-for-detail created a space that far surpassed my hopes for the house and brought new life a very tired building. If i had to some up the experience I would say using them was incredibly positive and well worth the money spent and I will definitely use them on my next Victorian refurbishment project.

    Home Owner
  • We have now worked with D4P Architects on several projects and have always found them to be prompt, friendly and incredibly professional. Their knowledge of planning legislation and their attention to detail sets them above and beyond many of their competitors. We now count D4P Architects as a valuable part of our team and we look forward to working with them again on future projects.

    Home Owner
  • A year ago, I did a rear loft extension and a refurbishment transforming my 4 bed 2 bathrooms house in a 5 bed 3 bathrooms.  I contacted D4P Architects as a recommendation from a friend living in the same area. D4P were very responsive and gave me a quick assessment from the beginning, with different options and offered a clear step by step program from design, planning permission, bidding for builders all the way to the execution of the job. The team was always listening to my suggestions and always very keen to offer ideas and practical solutions that would match our needs. I would definitely recommend D4P Architects to provide the assurance that the job will be well executed and finished on time!

    Home Owner

Meet our Team

Architect Katie La Touche - Jenkins
Katie La Touche – Jenkins MA, CMLI
Senior Landscape Architect
Mel Alday Bookkeeper of D4P Architects
Mel Alday
Bookkeeper & Accounts
Angus Ogilvy-Stuart
Angus Ogilvy-Stuart
Head of Marketing & PR


Please fill in the form if you have and questions and one of our architects will be in touch as soon as possible.

2 Eastbourne Terrace,
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P: +44 0208 1919 539.

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