D4P has investigated and produced designs for the innovative use of roof spaces. Given the dense urban nature of London, outdoor amenity spaces are increasingly becoming harder to come by. In contrast to this, with new high-rise buildings being built means that there is an increasing amount of space on the roofs of these buildings. Quite a few buildings are design with green roofs to increase bio-diversity of the local area. Whilst these measures are excellent from a sustainability aspect, more needs to be done to re-discover the rural outdoors. Hence, it is proposed to use the roof space at New Kings Road to provide both, green roofs which are accessible as well as providing the sustainability benefits. Working closely with the client and their management team, it is proposed to create terraces which could be used by the residents as either an outdoor amenity space or a productive landscape whereby the residents have access to garden allotments. These versatile roof terraces aid in promoting a healthier lifestyle whilst enhancing the well-being of the local residents.

PARTNERS: London Square / AWW Architects / Montagu Evans LLP / Desco / Heyne Tillett Steel
STATUS: Construction