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5 Point Design Process for Planning Application Success

At D4P, we have developed a 5 point design process resulting in exceptionally high levels of planning permission approvals, and well run projects, and happy clients.

To date we have achieved a 99% planning application success rate.

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1. Feasability

Initially we work with our clients to understand their aspirations for their project. What is the purpose of the project; home or profit? How much will it cost? What is the budget? How is this split between fees, construction, other tangential costs?
What is the timeline for the project and how will the project be phased? If there is borrowing involved, how does the timeline affect budgets?
Are the ideas for the project the right thing to do? Is it the BEST use of the site and the BEST USE OF MONEY?

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2. Concept Design 

Our high levels of planning success are mainly due to the amount of Planning Research we put into our projects. By thoroughly investigating the local planning policies, we identify the constraints, together with the council’s aims for the area. Furthermore researching other applications, helps us to formulate a robust design strategy. From this we can develop schematic designs that are more likely to gain planning approval.

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3. Developing the Design 

Once we have started our designs we can develop a strategy to achieve statutory approval for our clients. We identify the aspects of the design that are most likely to risk rejection, and weigh this up against the potential rewards. Our clients can then make an informed choice in order to achieve the best return on their investment, and get the most out of their space whilst still likely to gain planning approval.

Once approved, we help our clients develop a procurement strategy to keep their construction costs under control.

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4.Technical Design

Once we have helped our clients gain planning approval, we ensure that our projects comply with Building Regulations. We achieve this by developing the necessary technical drawings to ensure that the contractors are fully briefed on how to build the project to the latest building legislation including structural calculations, heat loss and insulation requirements.

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5. On-Site Support

During the construction phase of the project, we add value by looking for ways in which we can save money and improve the value during the build. We also help with resolving on-site queries and challenges as well as the issuing of completion certificates.

If you would like to ensure that your next project gets off to the best possible start and a successful end, please fill in the form below, we would love to be involved.