D4P were commissioned by the client to produce an interior design for this top floor multi-level apartment. The apartment was to undergo a complete refurbishment and was deficient in bathrooms. By examining the existing layout and thoroughly understanding how the client’s intend to use  the apartment meant that complete reorganisation of the rooms was needed. The apartment is accessed via a central staircase which leads into the living rooms and the kitchen. All bedrooms are located within the top floors of the apartment thus creating the public and private zones. Bespoke furniture was designed to exploit every square inch of the apartment, such as the wardrobes that give way to the master bathroom or the bookcase that doubles up as a staircase for maintenance access. Each room is designed individually with an underlying traditional character completed with panelling and cornice decorations to rediscover its original glory.

PARTNERS: Mr Ali Mazanderani / Krystal Engineering / Trio Properties
SIZE: 105m2
STATUS: Complete