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Ani Mokashi, director of D4P, recently had a conversation with ‘Mitch’ Mitcherson of Northwood to discuss the ins and outs of being a landlord. What came out of this was the fact that becoming a landlord may not be a planned move; and quite a few become one by accident.

Do you own a property where you have recently become a landlord without really planning to become one? Perhaps you are moving overseas or relocating somewhere else in the UK?  Maybe you have inherited a property, or need help with Care Home fees or have a property that you don’t want to sell, or perhaps you have just moved in with your partner and want to let out your spare property?

If this applies to you, there are lots of regulations and laws to comply with, and it is easy for a new landlord to get things wrong! There’s a good chance you might even lose money if you do not know the potential pitfalls. You might even be unable to evict your tenant if you don’t issue the correct paperwork – this could result in years of being locked-in with a tenant you don’t want.

D4P have a wealth of experience and contacts in this area if this applies to you.

Northwood are agents that can identify the potential hurdles and explain the things you need to do. They can offer you various services to take away the risk of becoming a new landlord. They can even offer a guaranteed rental income, for ultimate peace of mind.
Please ask to speak to Brian “Mitch” Mitchison for help and advice.

Courtyard Solicitors can also help if you have recently become an accidental landlord. They have a specialist property law section that can help new landlords navigate uncharted territory.
Please ask for Jon Lynn who is a specialist in landlord and tenant law.

If you are thinking of developing your property in order to increase your potential rental yield, D4P can help you visualise the the financial potential of your property, speak to Ani Mokashi or Mark Armstrong who can help you achieve this.

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