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Many property developers have great vision for the potential of sites that they see for sale, but are often unsure as to whether the planning departments of the local councils involved will sanction their ideas.

It can be a good idea to get the advice of an architect who is a planning permission specialist.

At D4P, we have developed a 5 point design process resulting in exceptionally high levels of planning permission approvals, well run projects, and happy clients.

To date we have achieved a 99% planning application success rate.

  1. Initially the process involves looking into the feasibility of any project and whether it is affordable, and whether it will be profitable.
  2. The second stage is all about thoroughly researching local planning policies and constraints to ensure that any planning application is likely to be successful. By understanding the council’s aims for the area and looking at other planning applications, it helps us to formulate a robust design strategy that are more likely to gain planning approval.
  3. Thirdly we develop the design to ensure that we can develop a strategy to achieve statutory approval for our clients.
  4. Once we have gained approval for our client’s designs, we ensure that our projects comply with Building Regulations by developing the necessary technical drawings to ensure that the contractors are fully briefed on how to build the project to the latest building legislation.
  5. Finally, during the construction phase of the project, we offer our clients on site support, where we add value by looking for ways in which we can save money and improve the value during the build.

If you would like advice as to whether your development is likely to gain planning permission, please don’t hesitate to ask us how feasible gaining planning approval will be.