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RIBA Architects D4P are delighted to have gained planning permission for their client CESA Properties after planners in the London Borough of Southwark approved their latest designs.

The brief posed a unique architectural challenge! The plans would join together two buildings of different styles with different roof profiles. One neighbouring property was a two-storey semi-detached house, which contained a double pitched roof with gable ends; the other was a three-storey block of flats with a flat roof.

The overall height of the block of flats was lower than the neighbour with the pitched roof. The architects at D4P decided to integrate the proposals with the surrounding constraints. They designed a pitched roof, that followed the angle and eaves height set by the neighbour’s pitched roof, but set down by 230mm to create a sense of subordination. The designs of the pitched roof, had a flat area at the middle which merged with the height of the neighbour with the flat roof, as illustrated in the drawings below:


Architect Lambeth

D4P’s architectural design philosophy was to create a unique confluence of traditional and contemporary architecture to enhance the street scene. The designs integrated the proposals with its surroundings, yet one that is reflective of the era in which it was built in. The primary structure of the facades were taken from the adjacent buildings. The eaves together with the fenestration are proportionately mimicked whilst traditional materials blend it with its neighbouring properties.

Architect in Southwark

By overcoming these architectural design challenges, and working with the planners at Southwark Borough Council to successfully gain planning permission, RIBA architects D4P have enabled their client to build a whole additional floor – significantly adding value to the property for their client.

If you would like to discuss a planning application with one of our architects, please contact us, we would be more than happy to help.