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D4P Architects have helped a property investor client exceed their expectations for their 1 bed flat in Streatham.

Initially the brief was to generate a return on investment of 6%, however, through our rigorous design process, where we always try to add value for our client’s projects, we have managed to gain planning permission to create a 4 bed H.M.O. (house of multiple occupation) and achieve a return on investment of 15%! This was all the more difficult as the property is in London, where it is notoriously difficult to achieve these sort of yields.

We achieved this by looking into the precedents set by other approved planning applications in the local area, and designed an extension that would be more likely to be approved by the planning department at Wandsworth Council. We did this by keeping our designs within the prevalent architectural language, thus being complimentary to the character of the local street scene. Our proposals for the new roof were to designed with roof tiles to match the existing, and all the fenestrations were designed to follow the rhythm of the existing building and are positioned to provide ample daylight. The windows were positioned to avoid direct views into neighbouring properties which mitigated any overlooking and privacy issues. Furthermore, the proposals were limited to the rear of the property to avoid having any impact on the streetscape.

The proposal gained planning permission in December 2018.

The project is in the construction phase at the moment where D4P architects are project managing the build.

If you would like help getting more value out of your property, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Here are the plans and some images of the construction:

Architectural Plans

Existing Ground Floor Plan
Proposed Ground Floor Plan
Architects for HMO
Existing First Floor Plan
Architects for HMO
Proposed First Floor Plan
Architects for HMO
Existing Roof Plan
Architects for HMO
Proposed Second Floor Plan
Architects for HMO
Proposed Roof Plan
Architects for HMO
Existing Sections


Architects for HMO

Proposed Sections

Architects for HMOConstruction

HMO ArchitectsHMO Architects

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