Our Story

D4P is a creative and dynamic practice specialising in the field of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. Our name reflects the principle ethos of the way we practice our profession; Designs for People, Places, Properties with Passion – creating designs for the 4 most important P’s of our industry.

Property developers’ want more profitable, prestigious, well designed projects that will initially, achieve planning permission in the shortest timeframe and subsequently, a smooth construction period. Homeowners’ clients want to engage with an architect to show them the possibilities that they can achieve for their homes. Well designed, and carefully thought through plans will improve their quality of life together with increasing the value of their property. Furthermore, they want their architects to successfully navigate the process of obtaining planning permission with the local authority and on-site supervision to enable their project to come to reality. Large Architects and Multi-disciplinary companies want to be able to sub contract work to smaller trusted partners. They want to be assured that their projects will be well-managed and designed with imagination and competency, which will reflect well on their company. Contractors want a cost-effective design solution for their building projects.

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Adding Value through Design

At D4P, we strive to add value to the project we work on by aligning with the needs of the projects and our clients. We have the expertise, skill and industry experience in architecture and landscape architecture to provide cost effective solutions for developers, local authorities, homeowners and contractors; from inception to completion.

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Efficiency through Technology 

D4P embraces technology and have created a practice that is unique to us. Given that technology provides us with touch screens, screen sharing and cloud data sharing, we have been successfully operating a paperless office, except for legal purposes. This small act has far reaching results; we feel we are a far more sustainable and environmental conscious practice thus doing our bit for our planet. Furthermore, we save a small fortune in printing costs, which we pass on to our clients in the form of reduced fees. Another way is working methods; we encourage flexible and working from home as long as deadline and targets are met. This again helps in reducing costs, as we do not need a big office space whilst our people can live their lives that revolves around their priorities, e.g. family, location, etc. These costs saving measures enable us to maintain quality whilst keeping our prices low; thus, better serving our clients.

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Investment in Our People

We develop our team and invest heavily in them; whether software, industry skills or regulations, etc. We push the juniors towards chartership in their respective profession thus enabling us to provide a level of service that is never less than the best. At the time of writing, each and every member of our team is a chartered professional.

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Our Vision

In this information age, the role of an architect has changed. Clients are much more informed and have a lot of information to hand. Result being that people have a fairly firm idea of what they want, functionally as well as visually. Hence, our vision is to align our knowledge and skills with these aspirations together with using our capabilities to make them a reality.

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The Journey

Any project, irrespective of its size and budget, is a journey; there is a starting point, a path and the destination. Like all journeys, a well-planned one brings with it the joys and pleasures of its mysteries and discoveries. At D4P, it is our vision is to be an equal partner in it. We serve our clients by guiding them through the myriad of available information, to crystallise the physical manifestation of their aspirations. Through our life-experiences and education coupled with our ethos, we add value to the entire process by intimately understanding the goals and delivering the results. Finally, we feel that we have accomplished our vision when we see a smile on our client’s faces at the end; we don’t stop until then!

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Our Mission

Is to serve the maximum number of people and to add value through our ‘thought leadership’, resourcefulness and technical adeptness. Our energetic and flexible approach gives us the innovative edge that translates into creating designs, firstly, for people, the users of the space. When these people enjoy these spaces, our designs create a place, one that is memorable to all. A collection of these ‘places’ transform into successful, useful and profitable properties. We achieve this with a true and uncompromising passion. Creating designs with these 4 P’s at the heart of everything we do, enables us to keep all our customers happy at all times.

Architects Promise

Our Promise

Our clients are entrusting us with their faith. For this, we promise that you will receive: • Our uncompromising effort to add value,
• Exceptional service
• Consistent quality
• Price certainty
• Unique and innovative designs that cater to your specific needs and aspirations.

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Pre Planning Process

  • The briefing process and understanding of client aspirations, project objectives and outcomes.
  • Initial Ideas, design and drawings based on a thorough research of the law, policies and guidance together with local context.
  • Concept design to establish key site sensitivities and local authority questions together with Pre-application submission, if needed.
  • Developed design by reworking ideas, design and drawings to suit planning advice.
  • Client presentation and subsequent approval of the scheme.
  • Final planning application.

Post Planning Process

  • Technical design including developing typical and assembly details, specifications.
    Assistance in tender process, if requested.
    On-site architectural supervision together with issuing Practical Completion (PC) and completion certificates. Assisting the client in any dispute resolution with the builder.
    Final exit meeting with the client and the design team to gain insights on the overall process and to identify potential cost, time and process efficiency for future projects.

Adding Value – Project By Project

Meet the D4P Architects

Ani Mokashi Architect
  • Ani Mokashi CMLI, MSc.UD, G.D. ArchCo-founder & Director

    Ani Mokashi is a director of D4P and always has had a passion for architecture and landscape. He is an experienced and proactive team leader who has delivered award-winning projects of varying complexities.

    Ani is a clear communicator and has excellent interpersonal skills, demonstrated by the strong relationships he has forged with both new and long-term clients.

    Ani is an adept problem solver with a keen eye for detail. He has a proven track record of performing well under pressure and to strict deadlines.

    Ani’s key Projects include: 19 The Broadway, Tooley Street Triangle, Chelsea Bridge Wharf, Clancarty Road, Glenthorne High School, and B3 King’s Cross

    Ani’s work has been recognized by Who’s Who of Executives as the ‘man of the year – 2011/12’.

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    Email Ani Mokashi

    Ani’s full CV is available on his LinkedIn profile, feel free to connect.

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Co Founder & Architect
  • Mark Armstrong CMLI, BSc. & D.BL.ACo-founder & Director

    Mark is a resourceful researcher and Landscape Architect.  He excels in producing contemporary, cost effective and award winning schemes. He has a sound experience in the contracting and property development industry with a keen eye for detail and a methodical approach to work.

    Mark is a competent contract negotiator with an expanded knowledge in creating and tendering design packages. A supportive team player with excellent interpersonal and customer-centered skills, with well-established relationships with local authorities and with a can-do attitude to problem solving.

    Marks key Projects include: Tooley Street: Triangle Chelsea Bridge Wharf WEP, Euston Glenthorne High School, B3 King’s Cross, UCL Howland Street.

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    Mark’s full CV is available on his LinkedIn profile, feel free to connect.

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Senior Architect - Miguel Nobrega
  • Miguel Nobrega – MArch, ARB, RIBASenior Architect

    Miguel is a dynamic and ambitious architect who possesses the design and development flair needed to plan and be involved in all phases of projects. Miguel has great communication skills and client liaison ability.

    Miguel is adept at carrying out a wide variety of design concepts, development and renovation projects and can easily conceptualise and solve problems with a strong creative ability.

    Miguel’s Key Projects to date have been; 19 The Broadway Tooley Street: Triangle, East India DLRClancarty Road, Glenthorne High School, Christ’s Hospital School.

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    Email D4P Architects

Architect Katie La Touche - Jenkins
  • Katie La Touche – Jenkins MA, CMLISenior Landscape Architect

    Katie has over 10 years of experience working as a landscape architect on a diverse range of projects in and around London at a strategic and local level. She is a conscientious and productive person who has proved herself as Project Lead over the last 7 years.

    She builds positive and successful client and consultant relationships resulting in award winning projects.

    Her key projects include Charter Square, Staines and St John’s Churchyard

    Email D4P Architects

    Email D4P Architects

    Katie’s full CV is available on her LinkedIn profile, feel free to connect.

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Mel Alday Bookkeeper of D4P Architects
  • Mel AldayBookkeeper & Accounts

    Melanie Alday has joined the D4P to oversee all the financial transactions and accountancy of our architectural practice. She is responsible for the accounting software and checks the source documents and invoicing to clients, cash receipts, and supplier invoices. Mel also reconciles D4P’s accounts to ensure their accuracy.

Angus Ogilvy-Stuart
  • Angus Ogilvy-StuartHead of Marketing & PR

    Angus Ogilvy-Stuart spearheads the marketing and PR support team of D4P architects and landscape.

    Angus’ role is to build relationships with other architects and make the D4P brand more visible to a greater number of potential clients and developers.

    If you would like to collaborate with D4P for marketing purposes, please don’t hesitate to contact Angus Ogilvy-Stuart in the first instance.

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